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About | Classical Genetics | Timelines | What's New | What's Hot


ESP Digital Book

Heredity in Relation to Evolution and Animal Breeding

William E. Castle


A modest Midwesterner who became one of the most influential geneticists of the first half of the 20th century, William E. Castle spent his career at Harvard and the University of California working on patterns of inheritance in mice, horses, and a variety of other mammalian taxa. An early proponent of Mendelian theory, Castle was director of the Bussey Institution at Harvard for almost thirty years, helping to train a number of important geneticists.

Papers in Classical Genetics

The ESP began as an effort to share a handful of key papers from the early days of classical genetics. Now the collection has grown to include hundreds of papers, in full-text format.

Digital Books

Along with papers on classical genetics, ESP offers a collection of full-text digital books, including many works by Darwin and even a collection of poetry — Chicago Poems by Carl Sandburg.


ESP now offers a large collection of user-selected side-by-side timelines (e.g., all science vs. all other categories, or arts and culture vs. world history), designed to provide a comparative context for appreciating world events.


Biographical information about many key scientists (e.g., Walter Sutton).

Selected Bibliographies

Bibliographies on several topics of potential interest to the ESP community are automatically maintained and generated on the ESP site.

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